The DICOM-RT-Viewer from SOHARD Software is a web-based fully featured DICOM viewer for radiotherapy. It runs on any common internet browser – simply open the DICOM-RT-Viewer in a web tab and you are ready to go.

While doing so, the DICOM-RT-Viewer features all trusted tools like windowing, panning and zooming. With a single mouse click you can display or highlight ROI contours as well as the corresponding DVHs or the ISO dosewash.

The DICOM-RT-Viewer is powerful, easy to use, and lightning-fast. Based on HTML5/WebGL the viewer renders directly on the graphic board and avoids unnecessary usage of valuable CPU resources.

And in conjunction with SeDI -Sematic PACS the DICOM-RT-Viewer even helps you treatment planning:

Combined with SeDI – Semantic PACS the DICOM-RT-Viewer displays images, diagnostic- and treatment data of previous cases, e.g., to confirm a suspected diagnosis or to optimize a patient’s treatments plans.

For this purpose the DICOM-RT-Viewer features a multi-view mode to display images and image data from different stages of treatment or from comparable patients simultaneously.

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