dicom2016Mainz, DE – The annual KIS, RIS, PACS and DICOM meeting in Mainz is Germany’s most renowned congress for medical imaging management. This year, Sohard Software was invited to present their software SeDI, the first Semantic PACS for clinical practice.

At the congress, SoHard’s managing director Peter Feltens held an lecture with the title „SeDI – Introduction of a Semantic Pacs“, which was met with keen interest by the audience of medical IT professionals. Peter Feltens introduced to the concept of a sematic PACs and showed its benefits over conventional PACS systems.

The KIS, RIS, PACS congress and DICOM meeting is organized by the Clinic and Policlinic for diagnostic and interventional radiology of the University Hospital Mainz. It took place in the rooms of the castle Waldthausen near Mainz.

For more information go to http://dicomtreffen.unimedizin-mainz.de or www.klinik.uni-mainz.de.